The NEW Coffee Technician’s Guild

CTG Summit

November 3, 2016 was an amazing day. It was on this day that 52 coffee technicians descended on a small business in Kansas City, Missouri to make history.

For the first time, a guild was created by and for coffee technicians, and the first event— The Coffee Technicians Guild Inaugural Planning Summit — kicked off. The Coffee Technicians Guild (CTG) is a newly formed guild of the SCAA with the mission of promoting excellence in equipment service and developing qualified technicians through advocacy, education, and networking. The monumental undertaking of this Summit was to answer the question: What is a coffee technician? We also wanted to provide an opportunity for attendees to identify and network with other coffee technicians. And, of course, we wanted to eat some great Kansas City BBQ. I am happy to report that on all counts, the mission was accomplished.

Coffee Technician's Guild Executive Council
Coffee Technician’s Guild Executive Council

What is the Coffee Technicians Guild?

The Coffee Technicians Guild (CTG) is an official trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) dedicated to supporting the coffee industry through the development of professional technicians. The CTG strives to be the voice of technicians within the coffee community. Founded in 2016, the guild is now welcoming its first members and hopes to create a community of technicians who can provide mutual support and knowledge, as well as provide opportunities to develop skills and learn best practices.

Why do we need a Coffee Technicians Guild?

We are just talking about maintaining and repairing coffee equipment, right? In fact, this is a critical piece in the puzzle at the coffee retail level and—as of now—there is no definition for what a coffee technician is, nor are there any standards for what they do. This is an opportunity for Coffee Technicians to work with SCAA to create this definition, develop standards, build an accreditation program, provide training and resources, as well as foster communication within the industry. Although this industry that has been around for well over three decades, we are now at the dawn of a new era for coffee technicians.

CTG Founding Sponsors
CTG Founding Sponsors

Interested in getting involved?

If you are enthusiastic and dedicated to the coffee community, you will find that you are among friends in the Coffee Technicians Guild. Regardless of whether you’ve been a technician for 20 years or are just getting started in the industry, participation in the guild will undoubtedly aid in your success and inspiration throughout your career.

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