Are you keeping your espresso machine clean?

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How to Backflush an Espresso Machine

Backflushing is an essential habit that is necessary to maintain the life of your espresso machine and to ensure the best tasting espresso. The most effective way to backflush is to use a cleaner like Puly Caff®—its chemical makeup emulsifies coffee oils faster than the leading competitors.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use Puly Caff® to clean your machine!

  1. Place blind filter (basket with no holes) in portafilter.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of Puly Caff® Cleaner and insert in the grouphead and tighten.
  3. Run machine 10-15 seconds and then wait 30-45 seconds to allow cleaner to emulsify coffee oils.
  4. Run machine for 4 more 15 second cycles but rest 10 seconds between cycles.
  5. Carefully remove and rinse excess cleaner from portafilter and grouphead (run machine without portafilter in).
  6. Reinsert portafilter and repeat step 4 without chemicals in blind basket to rinse Puly Caff® Cleaner from grouphead.
  7. Remove portafilter and run machine again to ensure all excess Puly Caff® Cleaner is rinsed off the grouphead.
  8. Place 2 tablespoons of cleaner and 1 pint of hot water into to a stainless pan and submerge all portafilter baskets and handles for 5 minutes. DO NOT submerge the plastic portion of the handle as damage may occur.
  9. Take cleaning brush dipped in hot cleaning water solution and carefully scrub underside of groupheads along with baskets and portafilters as needed.
  10. Run grouphead again to rinse portafilters and baskets thoroughly with hot water to ensure all areas and parts are visibly free of chemical residue.Finally, pull one shot from each cleaned grouphead and discard to “season” the group heads and portafilters.

CAUTION! Remember that water coming out of the group heads is +200°F. Proper eye wear and gloves are recommended.

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