Elektra’s business philosophy has been influenced by the historical and geographic aspects of Treviso, the area in which it is located.

Today Treviso is renowned for the civility of its inhabitants, the fragrance of its wines, the produce of its land, including the famous red chicory known as “the flower that can be eaten” and the initiative of its people. It is an area where craftsman traditions are perfectly integrated with modern high-tech. Elektra is a perfect example of how entrepreneurial acumen has transformed these compatible factors into a great succes story. Our company’s name, “Elektra”, comes from the Greek “elektron”: “a shining object”. It was adopted in honour of the great Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi, who invented the radio, and called “Elettra” his famous lab-ship and later also his daughter. He chose this name to evoke the concept of “electricity” (again coming from “elektron”), the energy that was essential to his experiments.

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